Programme and Speakers

Our panels will be on the YouTube streams linked below. Our discussions will take place on Discord. You can find the link to join Discord in your emails. If you have not received it, please email us at and ask for the link.

Speakers & Hosts

Please find below our list of speakers sorted alphabetically by first name.

  1. Ace Owl (they/them)

    Sessions: Ace Research

    Ace Owl is a researcher and activist best known for their Asexual Research Database, which includes studies on asexual discrimination and primary sources of asexuality in history. Check them out at @asexualresearch on Twitter.

  2. Agatha Brooks (she/her, ella/elle)

    Sessions: Spanish Speaking Aces / Ases Hispanohablantes

    Agatha Brooks is an aroace hetero transgender woman. She is the founder of Asexuales RD (Asexuales República Dominicana) and also writes poetry.

    Agatha Brooks es una mujer transgénero, arroase hetero. Es la fundadora de Asexuales RD (Asexuales República Dominicana) y también escribe poesía.

  3. Alejandra Gavidia (she/her, ella)

    Sessions: Spanish Speaking Aces / Ases Hispanohablantes

    Alejandra Gavidia is a Salvadoran heteroromantic (hopeless romantic haha) ace activist. She has been doing activism since July 2020. She believes the asexual community needs visibility. “For a long time, I thought we were alone. But we are not, we never were; we just hadn’t met each other yet.”

    Alejandra Gavidia es una activista salvadoreña, asexual heterorromántica (romántica empedernida, jaja). Hace activismo desde julio de 2020 porque cree fervientemente que la comunidad asexual necesita ser visibilizada. “Por mucho tiempo pensé que estábamos solos pero no estamos solos, nunca lo hemos estado, simplemente no nos conocíamos todavía”.

  4. Alex (he/him, él)

    Sessions: Spanish Speaking Aces / Ases Hispanohablantes

    Alex is a panromantic asexual activist from Antofagasta, Chile. He has been part of AseArro Chile for a year and Asexuales Chile for six years. He found out about the community when he was 21 years old and joined the activist groups a couple of months later.

    Alex es un activista asexual panrromántico de Antofagasta, Chile. Es parte de AseArro Chile hace un año y Asexuales Chile hace seis. Se unió a los grupos de activismo unos meses después de haber descubierto la comunidad asexual, cuando tenía 21 años.

  5. Aley O'Mara (they/them)

    Sessions: Asexuality & Kink

    Aley O'Mara is a freelance writer, a theatre maker, and a PhD candidate researching Renaissance asexuality. They are interested both in the study and practice of kink.

  6. Álvaro Ramirez (he/him, él)

    Sessions: Spanish Speaking Aces / Ases Hispanohablantes

    Álvaro Ramirez is part of the Mexican activism community Asexuales México y América Latina. He has been part of the ace community since 2018.

    Álvaro Ramirez es parte de la comunidad de activismo Asexuales México y América Latina. Es parte de la comunidad ase desde 2018.

  7. Anjeelee Kaur Beegun (she/her)

    Sessions: Aces of Africa

    Anjeelee K. Beegun is a human rights consultant, with a special focus on SOGIESC (Sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and sex characteristics). She has a background in Public Law has previously taught Constitutional Law and Administrative Law at the University of Réunion. She was the former Executive director of Mauritius based LGBT+ organisation, Collectif Arc-En-Ciel. She has significant experience in advocacy, research and training around SOGIESC and LGBTQIA+ rights. She is a Human Rights Campaign Global Advocacy Innovator 2020 Alumni and an EU Rise & Shine Goodwill Ambassador.

  8. Astrid (she/her or they/them)

    Sessions: The How and Why of an Asexual Association in Denmark

    Astrid (she/her, they/them) is a biromantic asexual and a board member for the Asexual Association Denmark since 2016.

  9. Atiya McGhee (they/them/theirs)

    Sessions: Ace Research

    Atiya is a Fat, Black, Queer, non-binary, and 1st year Ph.D student at Syracuse University. Prior to attending Syracuse University, they worked full time in Higher Education in Residential Life. They are interested in researching the intersections of asexuality, fatness, Blackness, gender identity, and expression. Their passion for anti-racism and equity work is kindled by their vision of liberation where BIPOC don't live in the liminal space of morality but have endless abundance to live, live safely, vulnerably, and authentically. Outside of Academia, Atiya describes themselves as a cat mom, a Blerd for all things kpop, anime, and fanfiction.

  10. Beth Jacobs (she/her/they)

    Sessions: Aces and Mental Health

    Beth (she/her/they) is a Ace Two Spirit Annishanabe Woman, working in the community sector, and actively advocating for inclusion, diversity, and anti-colonial praxis. Beth is a Social Work student, also pursuing a BA in Sociology and Gender Studies. She is enthusiastic about a future career in community work (specifically with Indigenous peoples), hoping to continue walk people through their journey of trauma and resiliency. Beth is also going towards a career as a Trauma Therapist/Counsellor. Beth volunteers with many 2SLBGQTIA+ resources and Indigenous/BIPOC resources in her area. Her passion for Mental Health helps inform her work within these sectors, so we can have safe and healthy communities.

  11. Black Witch (she/her)

    Sessions: Ace Spectrum

    Black Witch has been running her namesake blog, Black Witch, for over a decade, where she writes about her experiences as a Black Pagan person. Featured on Nerdist as well as was a guest contributor to the book The Sisters are Alright (edited by Tami Winfrey Harris), Black Witch mainly writes with a focus on socio-cultural issues as they pertain to gender, race, religion and sexuality.

    In addition, she also works on technology from 3D printing to robotics to virtual reality. Black Witch has also written fiction literature as well under her additional pen name, MultiMind. To read more works by Black Witch, please visit For fiction works as MultiMind, please visit To view technology works, please visit

  12. Brian (they/them)

    Sessions: Aces & Disability

    Brian is the executive director of Asexual Outreach—a nonprofit organization, founded in 2014, that's building an international advocacy movement to strengthen communities and change lives. Brian has been an ace community leader since 2013, and has had the great privilege to learn and grow through the teachings and mentorship of countless community activists and theorizers. Their work is guided and grounded by their autistic, genderqueer, aro, and ace identities, and they are particularly passionate about building solidarity between and among anti-oppression movements.

  13. Canton Winer (he/him)

    Sessions: Ace Research, Aces & Gender

    Canton Winer is a sociology PhD candidate at the University of California, Irvine. His research focuses on the intersection of gender and (a)sexuality.

  14. Cara Najar (she/her)

    Sessions: Aces of Oceania
  15. Catie (she/they)

    Sessions: Aces of East Asian Heritage, Neurodiversity in the Ace community

    Catie, Quaker, Ace who lives in Houston, TX. I’m a women in tech activist and part of several organizations. Women Who Code, Girls Who Code, Trace Labs, Circle K International, etc. I hope with my work over a lifetime will help more women feel inspired and enter tech jobs, as well as fight for pay equity.

  16. Char (they/them)

    Sessions: Community Building/Activism, Creating Asexual Content, Exploring Asexual Representation in Media, Accessibility

    Char runs regional meetups, creates resources, and reads and writes ace stories.

  17. Charlie (they/them)

    Sessions: Aces in Oceania

    Charlie is a social worker in training with a background in creative writing. They are non-binary, asexual and demi-romantic. They enjoy researching LGBTQIA+ issues and would like to support the healing and continued connection of the LGBTQIA+ community in Australia. They also enjoy cuddles with their cat and everything under the umbrella of 'dessert'.

  18. Christa Ventresca (she/they)

    Sessions: Aromantic Aces, Community Building & Activism, Aces & Gender, Indigenous Aces in North America, Neurodiversity in the Ace community

    Christa Ventresca is a non-binary femme, gray-romantic, asexual, and a graduate student from the University of Michigan studying genetics and bioinformatics. In her dwindling free time she also volunteers with AVEN, dances, and plays saxophone! Follow her on Twitter @ChrisprCas9.

  19. Courtney Lane (she/her)

    Sessions: Aces & Disability, Opening

    Courtney Lane is a Victorian Hair Artist and Historian committed to preserving the nearly lost art of Sentimental Hairwork. She makes bespoke hair art and jewelry through her company, Never Forgotten and can be found delving into the topics of history, hair, asexuality, and disability on her YouTube channel, Hair and Now. Her work has been featured in a variety of publications such as Women’s Health Magazine, Dressed: The History of Fashion Podcast, PopSugar, and Yahoo! News. In 2018, she was named Kansas City’s Best Local Craft Artist, and she offers video tutorials of her process via Patreon.

    In her personal life, Courtney is a disabled, asexual woman doing activism work within this intersection and playing D&D. She and her also asexual spouse have been married for over 7 years and they live happily with their rat dog, 2 large snakes, grumpy opossum, and 30-40 highly acrobatic mice.

  20. Daksh (he/him)

    Sessions: Moderator for Aces & Disability, Aces in Oceania, Aces of Africa, Aces of East Asian Heritage, Aces & Religion, Asexuality and the Workplace, Asexual Parenting, Black Aces, Closing, Community Building/Activism, Creating Asexual Content, The How and Why of an Asexual Association in Denmark

    Daksh is a student and a developer from India. He is an aromantic asexual and is the moderator for the panels and Discord server.

  21. Dipa Mahbuba Yasmin (she/her)

    Sessions: Aces of South Asia, Aces & Religion

    Dipa Mahbuba Yasmin (Born 1st Nov 1990, Dhaka, Bangladesh) is a Bangladesh-based multidisciplinary artist. She received her BFA in ceramics from Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka. Yasmin thinks, she is a filmmaker comprised of a ceramicist. She also addressed herself as a queer rights activist. Dipa establish Epiphania Visuals as a personal initiative. She accepts art as an activism and has been a ACE sensitive to social injustices, disproportion and lacks of human’s rights.

  22. Estance (they/them)

    Sessions: Neurodiversity in the Ace community

    Estance, member of Association pour la Visibilité Asexuelle, in France. Mainly, their ace activism is centered around inclusivity (pro non-mixity) & fighting against rape (education around consent, supporting victims & fighting for change). At the moment, with AVA, they are centering communication around the fight against therapy conversion.

  23. Gala (she/her)

    Sessions: Aces of Africa

    Gala is philosophy student and web developer. She is a rookie biromantic asexual who stumbled upon the term asexuality while researching a character's backstory. She's spent years in both Botswana and South Africa.

  24. Gez (she/her)

    Sessions: Aces & Religion

    Gez is a nonviolence activist and design researcher based in Switzerland. She identifies as aroace and works with other members of the German-speaking a*spec community on creating German a*spec content. Two recent projects Gez is involved in are the podcast "InSpektren" and the blog "AktivAro".

  25. Hanne (she/they)

    Sessions: The How and Why of an Asexual Association in Denmark

    Hanne is aro-ace and a board member for the Asexual Association Denmark for 5 years.

  26. Jan (she/they)

    Sessions: Black Aces

    Jan (she/they) is a queer african writer on identity and culture. When they're not writing, they like to listen to podcasts about blackness and queerness.

  27. Johnnie Jae

    Sessions: Indigenous Aces in North America

    Johnnie Jae is an Otoe-Missouria and Choctaw rabble-rousing journalist, organizer, creator, and futurist who loves empowering others to chase their passions and create for healing and revolutionary change in the world. She is the founder of A Tribe Called Geek, an award-winning media platform for Indigenous Geek Culture and STEM, and #Indigenerds4Hope, a suicide prevention initiative designed to educate, encourage, and empower Native youth. Jae is a co-founder of Not Your Mascots and LiveIndigenousOK. She is a member of the Women Warriors Work Collective and served as a co-chair for the March for Racial Justice. She leads numerous workshops that address Mental Health and Suicide in Indian Country, Native Mascots & Stereotypes, Indigenous Representation & Journalism, Indigenous STEM & Tech, and the Utilization of Social & Digital media for Business and Activism. Her ability to seamlessly shift from humor and pop culture to advocacy and business has made her a much-sought after speaker, panelist, and commentator.

  28. Jules / Tam (she/they)

    Sessions: Aces of East Asian heritage

    Jules is an asexual activist in Asexual in Vietnam since 2019 as the Leader Content Team for 2 years. She's also been working for LGBT+ rights in Vietnam and participating in organizing Hanoi Pride for 3 years - one of the biggest Pride across Vietnam. Studying natural science major, she would like to help growing a young generation as LGBT+ scientist in Vietnam.

  29. Kate Wood (she/her)

    Sessions: Ace Research, Aces in Oceania, Navigating Ace Relationships

    Kate is an activist and researcher from Canberra, Australia. Her research focuses on violence and oppression towards ace-spectrum people. Her philosophy is that survivors should be given the space to tell their stories and so much of her research involves collecting the stories of real people and their experiences. She is a survivor of corrective sexual assault. Kate is trying to make it in the Natural History field and also talks about her dog a lot. She is @Sulphuric_Aceid on Twitter.

  30. Katie Ready-Walters (she/her)

    Sessions: Neurodiversity in the Ace Community

    Katie Nora Ready-Walters (Instagram: @katie.nora) is a Toronto-based theatre artist and writer. Katie is currently an Artist In Residence at Theatre Passe Muraille where her solo show is in development. She is exploring ideas surrounding loneliness and isolation by looking into their relation to feelings of inner distance and resulting communication barriers. This work is informed by Katie’s experiences with her autism, her learning disability, and the journey she took to navigate the mental illness that she faced in her youth.

    She has written for The NVLD Project, Broadway World, Intermission Magazine and She Does The City. To view samples of her work and writing, you can find her blog where she writes about mental wellness, communication, art, and theatre at

  31. Keith Derrick (he/him)

    Sessions: Ace Spectrum, Exploring Asexual Representation in Media

    Keith Derrick is a doctoral candidate at Georgia State University. His research focuses on reading the Long Nineteenth Century British Literature through an asexual lens using Queer Theory. The goal is to increase the scope of asexual representation in fiction and illustrate how reading literature with awareness of asexuality can offer robust benefits to existing scholarship. For more information about Keith's research or his novels, please visit his website at

  32. Kelly

    Sessions: Older Aces

    Kelly Novak, 62, has been an Administrator of AVEN since 2006. She has been a member of WPATH (the World Professional Association for Transgender Health) since 2003. Mundanely, she is a physicist/engineer in the medical equipment field and an author.

  33. Kerry Chin (he/him)

    Sessions: Aces of East Asian heritage

    Kerry is a 31-year-old electrical engineer from Sydney, Australia. He first started identifying as asexual at age 16, and has been active in the asexual community one way or another ever since. Amongst an ever-growing list of responsibilities, Kerry is on the the Australian Asexuals admin team, the International Asexuality Day and AUREA translation teams, Autism Spectrum Australia's LGBTQIA+ Advisory Committee, and Sydney WorldPride 2023's Pride Committee. He also has a chapter in the book "Spectrums: Autistic Transgender People in Their Own Words".

  34. Kira M. Del Mar (they/she)

    Sessions: Ace Research

    Kira recently graduated with a degree in library science and is now working as a school librarian. Their thesis project mapped LGBTQIA+ individuals' attitudes toward and experiences with public library services in Norway. Results from their research are available at Kira does not feel at home at either end of any spectrum and identifies as bi/pan, non-binary, and grey ace.

  35. Lohane Martins (she/her, they/them)

    Sessions: Black Aces

    Lohane is a black ace activist from Brazil. Invited by Aroaceiros, a brazilian ace and aromantic activist group. Lohane is a musicist in Orquestra Furiosa from Escola do Auditório do Ibirapuera in São Paulo.

  36. Lúcia (she/her; ella)

    Sessions: Spanish Speaking Aces / Ases Hispanohablantes

    Lucía is a Spanish asexual activist. She is part of ACEs (Asexual Community España) and runs @acetivismo (Twitter and Instagram). She is also part of Torre Púrpura, an LGTBIA+ and feminist organisation in her town. She started questioning her identity in 2016, when she thought she might be demisexual. She has identified as ace since 2018.

    Lucía (ella) milita en ACEs (la asociación de asexualidad nacional de España) y también tiene sus redes sociales de @acetivismo (twitter e Instagram). Además, también está en una asociación feminista y LGTBIA+ de su ciudad que se llama Torre Púrpura. Descubrió que era ase en 2018, aunque estuvo 2 años antes pensando que era Demi.

  37. Manita Newa (she/her)

    Sessions: Aces of South Asia

    Manita Newa Khadgi is a medical doctor and the founder of Nepali Asexuals.

  38. Marisa L. Manuel (Any pronouns)

    Sessions: Accessibility

    Marisa L. Manuel is the co-founder of Ace Chat, an asexual and aromantic visibility platform. She holds an MFA in Fiction from the University of Memphis and is currently working toward her PhD at Georgia State. Her publications are present or forthcoming in Creative Nonfiction, HuffPost, Cosmonauts Avenue, Pleiades, and others.

  39. Mark McClemont (he/him)

    Sessions: Older Aces

    Mark McClemont (TheSMMG) (he/him), 57, a homoromantic asexual, a member of AVEN since 2004 and has been involved in numerous visibility activities. He works as a scientific glassblower at The University of Reading where he is also involved with the D&I Working Group and LGBT+ Staff Network.

  40. Marshall Blount (he/him/his/they)

    Sessions: Black Aces

    Marshall John Blount is an Asexual activist based out of Erie, Pennsylvania. Marshall also serves as a board member of Asexual Outreach, a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower and strengthen Ace communities across the United States and Canada.

  41. Maya Garcia (they/them/theirs)

    Sessions: Indigenous Aces in North America

    MAYA David Garcia is a disabled survivor, and a non-binary, agenderflux, demisexual 2-spirit multiracial reconnecting Indigenous (Nahua, Nahñu) visual storyteller. They wear several hats as a visual artist, author, poet, singer and advocate. Through words, concepts, pictures and audio art, they convey stories from the past, present and future in vivid multimedia. Garcia is the founder of Maya’s Divine Designs, the author of “Before the Fire” and TruthByTwo, a music, spoken word podcast and blog. They are also speaking out about different kinds of aphobia, among other issues on Tik Tok.

  42. Mel O'Connor (she/her)

    Sessions: Aces of Oceania

    Mel O'Connor is a sessional tutor and PhD candidate at Deakin University, studying representations of asexuality and death-adjacency in Young Adult literature. In her free time, she runs Dungeons & Dragons.

  43. Mic (he/him)

    Sessions: Opening, Closing

    Mic is an ace organiser and on the AVEN Project Team.

  44. Mira (she/her)

    Sessions: Aces of South Asia

    Mira is a member of Bangladesh Asexual Association.

  45. Nege (they/them)

    Sessions: Aces & Disability

    Nege is an aro ace dog-parent located in Canada on Treaty One territory. They have volunteered in the asexual community in creating online educational resources for AVEN, and participate in professional networking for 2SLGBTQIA people in the public sector.

  46. Nicolas (he/him, they/them)

    Sessions: Navigating Ace Relationships

    Nicolas is an ace and aro activist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is 24 years old, likes tabletop rol playing games and writing poetry.

  47. Nylocke (OtakuGunsoNY) (they/them)

    Sessions: Older Aces

    Nylocke (OtakuGunsoNY) inherited an asexual discord server within the past year that caters to older aces. They make varied content on YouTube from anime to games and fun song covers and the like. They are asexual, grey romantic and genderqueer. The mature ace server is picking up well 30+ folks welcome aboard.

  48. Dr. Pragati Singh (she/her)

    Sessions: Aces of South Asia

    Dr. Pragati Singh is a global sexual and reproductive health and rights change-maker, and an asexuality leader from India. She is the founder of initiatives such as Indian Aces: India's first initiative working for asexuality; An information portal for the community; a platform for queer people’s lived experiences, and SAMHA (Sexual and Mental Health Association). She has won many awards over the years, and was featured in the BBC's list of 100 most inspiring, innovative, and influential women from around the world in 2019 for leading her groundbreaking movement for the asexual community. Her independent research papers on the subject have been published internationally, and she is currently writing a book on asexuality.

  49. Pupi (they/them, elle)

    Sessions: Ace Spectrum, Spanish Speaking Aces / Ases Hispanohablantes

    Pupi Dominguez is a grey-ace panromantic activist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are part of a local activism group called AgruPAs (Agrupación de Pluralidades Asexuales), which was born at the end of 2018 after that year’s Pride Parade. They have been part of the ace community since 2016 and have been doing activism on their social media (mostly Facebook) before joining AgruPAs ever since.

    Pupi Dominguez es une activista grisexual panromántique de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Es parte de AgruPAs (Agrupación de Pluralidades Asexuales), un grupo de activismo local que nació en 2018 después de la Marcha del Orgullo de ese mismo año. Es parte de la comunidad ase desde 2016, y antes de unirse a AgruPAs hizo activismo en sus redes sociales (mayormente Facebook).

  50. Raven (she/her)

    Sessions: Aces & Disability

    Raven currently lives in southern illinois with her lovely dog guide, Dana. She’s been totally blind since birth and she discovered her sexuality and romantic orientation in her very early 20s.

  51. Rhian (she/they)

    Sessions: Exploring Asexual Representation in Media

    Rhian is a bookseller with a BA in Creative Writing and has identified as a panromantic asexual person for about eight years now. She runs a queer book roundup called Rhian’s Rainbow Roundup at Mr B’s Emporium, once pole-danced her coming out story at pride, and is writing the ace romance fiction she needed as a questioning teenager.

  52. Ria Faustino (she/her)

    Sessions: Aces of East Asian Heritage

    Ria is an aroace living in the Philippines who has been in the community for five years. Despite this, she has only recently found an online community for Filipino aspecs and has only met one or two Filipino aspecs offline.

  53. Rowan Alison (they/them)

    Sessions: Older Aces

    Rowan Alison, lives in Scotland and works for an LGBTI Equalities organisation. They’ve been a bi+ activist for over 30 years but only came out as ace relatively recently. They are currently working on ace inclusion in their organisation and have produced a booklet about ace inclusion for service providers that can be downloaded at

  54. Sarah Cosgriff (she/her)

    Sessions: Aces of East Asian Heritage, Ace Spectrum

    Sarah Cosgriff is a science communicator based in the UK. She works with young audiences and educators, presents science shows and develops the science communication skills of those who work in STEM sectors. She is passionate about LGBTQIA+ inclusion in education and is a project worker for Schools OUT UK. Sarah is one of the founders of an Aces in STEM Discord server and is passionate about raising the profile of ace-spec people who work in or study STEM subjects. She is one of the presenters of Queer Cuz, a podcast which features four cousins who are queer and of the Filipino diaspora (from the USA and the UK). They explore what it means to be Filipino and queer, share their stories and perspectives and have meaningful conversations they have never had as a family. You can follow @QueerCuz on Twitter and Instagram to find out when the podcast will launch.

  55. Sayak (he/him)

    Sessions: Older aces

    Sayak is a 39-year-old professional from India with 14 years of PQE in law and business. His 'aceness' killed his marriage of 9 years. He is currently on a path of discovery, realisation and acceptance. He intends to be more vocal about asexuality in India but continues to be in two minds about it.

  56. Sherronda J. Brown (she/they)

    Sessions: Black Aces

    Sherronda J. Brown is a Southern-grown essayist, editor, and storyteller with a focus on media analysis and cultural critique, currently serving as the Editor-in-Chief of Wear Your Voice Magazine. In addition to writing and thinking about asexuality, their special interests include Blackness and queerness in horror narratives.

  57. Sneha (she/they)

    Sessions: Aces of South Asia

    Sneha is the Program Lead and Coordinator of Humans of Queer, an arm of Indian Aces. They identify as a non-binary ace. Tell a story and you’ve captured their attention. Sneha’s love for fiction and flawed characters can make them talk all day. They believe in Catra Supremacy! Sneha believes that everybody is battling one's own demons, and if one cannot say a good word or do a good deed, it’s best to remain quiet. Discord: acehibiscusinfinity#7596, @acehibiscusinfinity, IG: acehibiscusinfinity

  58. Tara Catt (Kyttaen) (she/her)

    Sessions: Moderator for Ace Research, Neurodiversity in the Ace community

    Kyttaen is a genderfluid, biromantic, polyamorous ace who lives in Scotland. Since discovering she was ace, has worked on several inclusion projects including an asexual booklet for Scottish health providers with the Equality Network, working to promote awareness with her employer and through her Twitch streaming platform

  59. Thanh Huyen (she/they)

    Sessions: Aces of East Asian heritage

    Huyen is a Vietnamese ace activist from the organization Asexual in Vietnam.

  60. Tystie / Evelyn Fenn (she/her, with a hint of They)

    Sessions: Asexuality and the Workplace

    Tystie (on AVEN), also known as Evelyn Fenn, is an ‘older’ aromantic asexual. She lives and works in the west of Scotland. She has worked in the public, private and voluntary sectors, with roles ranging from research and lecturing to mucking out cowsheds and toilet cleaning. She currently holds down a day job in local government while daydreaming of writing full time. If you want to see some asexual representation, including of older aces, look out for Evelyn Fenn’s novel, Friends Without Benefits, which will be published by Nine Star Press later in 2021. (For anyone curious, Tystie (pronounced Tie-Stee) is a Scottish word for a black guillemot, a seabird. In summer, Tysties have beautiful black and white plumage, and bright red feet and bills.)

  61. Xaine (xe/they)

    Sessions: Aces & Disability, Aces of South Asia, Neurodiversity in the Ace community

    Xaine is a disabled queer activist from Pakistan. Instagram/amaxaines